Senior Minister

Charles E. Myers

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Charles Myers is a bi-vocational Ordained Minister of the Gospel and former Pastor in the United Methodist Church. He currently serves as the Chaplain of the Geneva County Sheriff's Office, serving the Deputies and Jail Staff. He received his first pastorate to a church in 1986 and served his last church in 2016. 

His work history includes working in Aviation for 17+ years, as well as working for IBM since 2001. He has traveled to many countries for work or military duty. 

He has worked as a college educator at three different colleges, and as a result loves to teach. He loves teaching the Word of God whether in churches, conferences, home groups, etc. Teaching on faith and God’s will to heal are two of his favorite subjects.

He is in the process of writing books, teaching, preaching and working on a video broadcast as part of the media outreach. He is also starting a yearly mission trip to Kenya and/or other countries this year. The ministry team is working on creating a podcast program which will be made available soon.

He has been married to his beautiful wife Carolyn for 37 years.

Administrative Director

Carolyn Myers

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Carolyn Myers has multiple roles in the ministry. She serves as the Administrative Director as well as the Secretary / Treasurer. She has a degree in Elementary Education and has taught adult education for several years. She has worked as a church secretary in more than one church.

Carolyn has a heart for children and will be leading the ministry outreach to children. She and her husband have seven grandchildren and actively participates in their lives.

Director of Evangelism

J.E. Myers

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I am a Reformed Baptist, father of seven, and husband to a lovely Proverbs 31 wife. I spent 15 years working in government and now work full time in the private sector. My passion is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I stand firm on the 5 solas.


Director of Technology

Matthew Myers

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Matthew Myers has been married to his beautiful wife Allyson for six years. Matthew provides advisory services of current technology related to video, podcasts, radio broadcasts and any kind of technology that the ministry may need.


Director of Helps

Loretta Goetting

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Loretta was born with a love for God and His Word and has always had a desire for ministry. She has had a number of positions in the private sector but for the last 20+ years she has been a state board certified Christian Counselor.

Through this ministry work, she taught the Bible and other books. Her experience involved counselng a wide variety of life issues as well as various addiction issues. During those 20 years, she proof read and provided edit services to multiple published books as part of her position.

She is an Ordained Minister and has a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling. She retired from that position in 2016 and currently supports the ministry by leading the ministry of helps.

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